Re: Proposed module: gnome-main-menu

On 1/9/07, Germán Poó Caamaño <gpoo ubiobio cl> wrote:

> I've got 8 in it currently.

How did you get it?

The first time when I add launchers it can show all of them.  But,
for the next session only are shown the first 6, even there are
mora launchers selected.

I just dragged them from the application browser onto the menu.

I tried the same as Steve, because load 'More applications' feels a lot
slower, not because its stylistic.
At least to me, IMVHO, more than a stylistic issue looks to me as an
usability issue.

I dont think any of them count as usability issues really. Especially
if the usability tests are showing that slab is better. Unless you've
got usability tests to show that having a blue border around the
window is worse usability, then I don't think you can argue that its
usability more than stylistic.


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