Re: eject buttons on the places menu

> I've always thought that notification area icons for removable drives
> was the way to go. These could be managed by gnome-volume-manager.
> People typically object to this if they have "permanent" usb storage
> devices connected. To this end there should probably be a way to
> disable icons for given devices.
> The n-a-icons would pop up the same menu on right and left clicks.
> Maybe even pop up a pestering notification bubble about properly
> ejecting the device when the device is mounted.

Wouldn't enabling the mounter applet by default do the same and be
easier to disable by advanced users who just don't want it there? The
notification area is supposed to have as few icons as possible, and mine
is already overpopulated with nm-applet and tomboy sitting there all

Anyway, the initial problem with the eject buttons on the panel was that
they'd be difficult to reach without the mouse... is reaching a
notification area icon any easier?

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