Re: eject buttons on the places menu

> > Personally, I think the last thing we need is more context menus on
> > menu items... it's probably about the most (unintentionally)
> > undiscoverable feature on our entire desktop.

> I might agree, but... how's having an undiscoverable feature worse than
> not having the feature at all?

> I'm open to alternative solutions, anyway. Would it be OK if keyboard
> navigation just ignored the eject buttons?

One thing that would make umounting more discoverable would be to add
a border thingy in nautilus like the CD/DVD maker has.

"Folder for cd/dvd-maker                       [Write to disc]"

And when you browse removable media you could have:

"Folder for Your Drive 40GB                    [Eject/Unmount]"

Filip Palm

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