Re: Network problems in gnome-session


The bug is basically as follows: after switching network connections via
NetworkManager (maybe in combination with hibernate/resume, I'm not sure
about that yet), suddenly every window takes about 10 seconds to open
while waiting for gnome-session to respond.

I've done various ltraces and straces of gnome-session and some

The applications themselves hang in, e.g. XtOpenApplication (in case of
Xterm) or gnome_program_init (in case of gedit, for example).

At the same time, gnome-session hangs in SmsGenerateClientID. strace
shows that it seems to be waiting for a DNS reply from a long-gone DNS
server for the local hostname..
What is the output of

Does it contain a hostname in it? The wrong hostname?  Does unset
SESSION_MANAGER make things magically startup faster?


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