Re: New Control Centre


On Tue, 2007-02-06 at 08:29 -0500, JP Rosevear wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-02-06 at 10:14 +0000, jamie wrote:
> > On Mon, 2007-02-05 at 21:19 -0600, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> > > El mar, 06-02-2007 a las 12:52 +1100, Russell Shaw escribi� > > Now that we have hundreds of .desktop files, it is not a good idea
> > > anymore to have them scattered all around the disk.  You are absolutely
> > > right; the system it is built on is stupidly inefficient and broken!
> > 
> > Yes and its fairly easily fixed with tracker once I add .desktop file
> > indexing to it
> They are already indexed in beagle, so it would be fairly easy to do
> this with libbeagle right now, but you'd still have to mimic all the
> tree building code with the categorizations in gmenu.

I probably wouldn't use Beagle or Tracker to solve this problem.  A
simple on-disk mmap()able cache similar to what we do with fonts would
probably work fine, and you wouldn't have to depend on a
potentially-not-there running service and have a second codepath to also
support the inevitable fallback.


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