An idea about a webcam....

I wanted a unified way of communicating with video with as many people
in as many technologies as possible.
I found this very hard so came to the idea of working around technology
that almost everyone has on their computers.  This came to 2 things
A browser and JAVA.
With that I was able to create a webcam web-page and people where able
to see me without any problem.  I can talk with my family and they can
see me.  Even a novice can use my webcam.  They just click with a mouse.
Of course there are better technologies.  But google video has sucky
video, we still use it because it is so easy to use.
I use a combination of the following...(with notes)
        Works rather well considering it hasn't been developed sinces
        2003.  Very well built and able to do exactly what I want.
        I am sure I could use something smaller and more streamlined for
        this use.  All it has to do is provide at most maybe five
        connections and run under a designated port.
        This is a Python, GTK, Glade Program I have made this last week
        that is a simple front end to camserv.  It provides a nice way
        to turn of and on the cam and adjust a few settings to meet the
        needs of the you and the client.

Here is why I am here...
I want this to be a part of gnome.  So that people that want to
communicate with a webcam don't have to screw around with msn, aol,
ekiga, or any other protocals or programs.  The people that want to see
your webcam can simply use it.  Nothing more.  Just a click.
We have see these all the time, webcams online, but none of been
streamlined for the personal desktop use.
What do you think?
IF you would like... add me to your gtalk/jabber I am "encompass at
gmail" and I can show you a demo of my idea.  I use it all the time and
I think many others will too.

Hope to get lots of feed back on this.
Jason Brower

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