Re: GNOME/Win32

On Tue, 2007-12-11 at 17:38 +0100, Xavier Bestel wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-12-11 at 17:30 +0100, Piotr Gaczkowski wrote:
> > Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I don't want it working outside the GNOME
> > environment, but working in the GNOME environment on Win32/OS X
> > platform. Modular GNOME is the wat to do it. Why reinvent the wheel
> > over and over again? If a platform has some keyring library make
> > gnome-keyring a thin wrapper around it. Same with other things.
> I think that's what's going on: parts of libgnome are ripped out and
> reimplemented properly in libgtk (e.g. gnomevfs => gio), with a proper
> unix/win32 backend.

You can also run Evolution on Windows now, and thats a huge chunk of the
GNOME libraries.

JP Rosevear <jpr novell com>
Novell, Inc.

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