Re: cleaning up keyrings


Thanks for the bug links, those are helpful.

Here are some questions I have about conventions for storing stuff in
the keyring, which would be relevant to the Gossip bug (and future
similar bug against Pidgin, etc.)

 - when do you use "default"/NULL vs. "session" keyring? (I think I've
asked this before, but I forget)
 - the Gossip patch sets user=havoc.pennington and
for my account, but why does it set "server" and not "domain", and
when would something set "domain"? Is "domain" intended for web
passwords only?
 - what is the "object" field in gnome-keyring supposed to be for?
NetworkManager vpn stuff sets it to "password" and "group_password",
the Gossip patch doesn't use it
 - Gossip patch sets "protocol" field to "jabber", NetworkManager to
"org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.vpnc", ... ? when is this field used
and what's its intended content?
 - I would think in Gossip or Pidgin you can create two accounts with
the same username/password (true? or do they stop you?) - how would
that be handled?

Ideally I think we'd allow Gossip and Pidgin to ask something like
"give me all XMPP accounts on the keyring," I guess that would use the
"protocol" field? Would the results be sane if Gossip or Pidgin
"merged" this resulting list of accounts with their own app-specific
list of accounts? How should that merge be done? What if you delete an
account in the app's account manager screen?

A specific use-case is that if I've already logged in to Google in
either Firefox or BigBoard, I think Gossip or Pidgin when first
started up should default to knowing that same account info.


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