Re: GNOME online desktop - (some of the possible) next steps

On Thu, 9 Aug 2007, Bryan Clark wrote:


> An excellent advantage that the online desktop server project has in
> being open source is that it doesn't have to re-implement any other
> existing service.  MySpace and other proprietary sites will continually
> purchase or build new extensions (like video and photo services) to
> bring into their fold.  Our blessing (and our curse) is that we'll

Mostly true about the lock in of these sites but it sounds like you might
be unfamiliar with Facebook.  Unlike most of the other social not-working
sites Facebook have opened up their software (to what extent I'm not sure)
and are benefitting from all kinds of third party applications

The wealth of third party extensions are making it easier and easier to
aggregate all kinds of bits and pieces from other services on facebook, to
my mind gradually becoming more like mugshot (or at least how I perceive

... but that is somewhat beside the point.


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