Re: GThread-ERROR **: GThread system may only be initialized once

Does Orca meet the problem? Or other applications? You can see my mail in accessibility-devel list today. Normally because they call g_thread_init after gtk_init/gnome_program_init without any check.


2007/8/10, Willie Walker <William Walker sun com>:
Sorry to send this to desktop-devel, but I recall this error coming up
at a talk at GUADEC.  Someone from the audience yelled "THAT'S BEEN

GThread-ERROR **: GThread system may only be initialized once.

We have people pinging us on the Orca list about this, and I'm not sure
of a good answer for them, even after Google'ing for a bit.  Was there
something done somewhere (e.g., pygtk?) to help resolve this issue?


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