Re: Online Desktop, Tomboy, and user storage

<quote who="john carr unrouted co uk">

> At the moment we try to post on Planet GNOME from time to time, but we
> don't want to build up too much hype.

You know that pinging sound that sonar makes? You guys need to make one of
those pinging sounds more regularly at the very least. :-)

> I don't want to offend anyone here.. We'd love to get on GNOME
> SVN+Bugzilla, but getting a mailing list took months.

So, that was a result of the mailing list stuff being very broken, and none
of the admins wanted to create broken mailing lists. :-) I've unscrewed that
whole mess now, so terrible waits shouldn't be a problem anymore.

> > I wholeheartedly encourage you to put Conduit on GNOME's agenda. It's
> > full of awesome.
> IDK, To hear *the* Jeff Waugh say that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy
> inside..

Well, I had to represent, because all the other Jeff Waughs were busy. :-)

- Jeff

-- 2008: Melbourne, Australia
                    Mangoes are nature's edible orgasm.

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