Re: Online Desktop, Tomboy, and user storage


john carr unrouted co uk wrote:
 * Tomboy remains pretty much unchanged (work to have change notifications
from tomboy are underway anyway - its something Sandy already offered to
implement for us).

 * Conduit gains a dataprovider plugin that can sync notes to through whatever protocol you suggest. This protocol will
have to update the Tomboy online data model from the server end.

If I understand this, right now I'm coding an implementation of Tomboy's SyncServer and in a Conduit future I would code a Conduit data provider plugin.

I think which of those interfaces I write to has very little to do with what I'm talking about coding, right? Am I off base here?

The only thing that affects me is whether I code to the SyncServer interface in Tomboy now or a comparable Conduit interface.

For now from my perspective the answer is "whichever one Tomboy uses" - porting Tomboy to Conduit is a separate project from what I'm doing, I would think.

I think an important thing here is that some people won't want Personally, i might be tempted to use Conduit to sync
them to an SSH account or a password protected area of a server I control.

You're comparing apples to oranges. If the desktop has a feature to sync my private notes to a private directory, then that's cool and I'm all for it.

I'm not working on that feature, though. What I'm working on primarily *is* the server-side Tomboy app.

The only way I am looking at touching Tomboy itself is to have a sync plugin that happens to sync to this server-side app, *instead of* a private data store. The private ssh server is still a configurable choice.

The two features aren't the same or somehow interchangeable, they are two different, mutually exclusive ways to store your Tomboy data with different advantages.

The implementations could share some file-upload code but that's not user visible or interesting, and doesn't affect what users can choose to do or not do.

By integrating Conduit people have that choice, and at the same time we
don't waste time on multiple sync implementations.

Whether Tomboy uses Conduit is a separate issue from my project, and whether has a server-side app available, though, right?

I mean, Tomboy already supports choosing your sync plugin. If we move the choice of sync plugin to Conduit, that's cool, but hasn't changed anything about the code I'd have to write.

The situation in Tomboy today, or with Conduit, is that you can sync it to a private DAV/ssh filesystem. And what I'm looking to add is that you could also sync it with a web app that knows specifically about Tomboy, if you choose to do so.


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