Re: Online Desktop, Tomboy, and user storage

<quote who="john carr unrouted co uk">

> My problem is just a general worry that more and more apps will go do the
> "roll there own" path when Conduit could help, even in the case of Cheese
> which is looking to add Flickr support.

You have to be on people's radar so they're aware of what you offer. I have
been following Conduit because I think it's cool and has a lot to offer the
project, but I don't know how many other people have been following it. One
point I'd raise about this is that Conduit is less visible to the community
because it's hosted elsewhere.

> If Conduit had been inside the GNOME Wall for 2.20 then this discussion
> wouldn't be happening, or it wouldn't be me crying "OMG, save Conduit!!".
> Perhaps the solution there is to break out the whip and see if Conduit can
> move inside the great wall?

This 'wall' stuff is a bit unfair, though I can understand why you raise it.
Your path to inclusion in one of the official suites is to propose it during
the release process. Simple as that. One way of attracting attention and
getting things on the agenda is to propose stuff for inclusion even before
it's likely to be accepted. Then the answer is likely to be "this is rad but
not ready yet" and then a project might become part of the defacto assumed
future. :-)

You're suggesting that being 'outside the wall' is like a state defined for
Conduit that is outside your control. The truth is that you need to start
climbing... or you can just walk through the gate. :-)

I wholeheartedly encourage you to put Conduit on GNOME's agenda. It's full
of awesome.

- Jeff

Open Source in Mobile 2007: Madrid, Spain
    "Learning and doing is the true spirit of free software -- learning
   without doing gets you academic sterility, and doing without learning
    is all too often the way things are done in proprietary software." -
                                Raph Levien

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