Re: Online Desktop, Tomboy, and user storage

> Hi,
> OK, since my last mail was too long ;-)
> The issue here is very simple. I have the existing Tomboy local data
> store (NoteManager) which is C# objects, and I have some server-side app
> logic (the Java process on which has its own way of
> looking at data (Java objects).
> *As an implementation detail of a larger project* I need those two trees
> of C# and Java objects to be in sync.
> If something like DAV gets involved, it's just as a protocol; it would
> be one way to eventually end up with Java objects in the server app. So
> let's just ignore DAV vs. XMPP for a minute.
> OK.

I think that is an excellent summary of many rather large scary e-mails :-)

> Tomboy has a SyncManager thing, which knows how to sync the NoteManager
> to my implementation of a SyncServer interface that sends stuff to my
> server app.
> The thing I'm planning is to implement SyncServer so it somehow gets
> stuff to my Java server, and then I'm coding a server-side app.
> For me, SyncServer is just a simple way to hook in to Tomboy.
> So, concretely how does Conduit affect what I am doing, meaning, which
> code I'm thinking of writing in Tomboy would I write differently?

As i've tried to say, Conduit is what Tomboy should have used for sync. I
think I see *another* e-mail where I can explain this better :-)

I don't know how to explain it. Conduit is meant to be desktop wide sync.
Unfortunately Tomboy had to roll their own this release cycle and we were
stuck on the outside of the GNOME wall were we couldn't really help.

This is a bit of a setback for Conduit adoption! But if average users want
to sync in this release cycle Conduit is perhaps still the best option,
which is why Sandy was so helpful to us. (Thanks :D)

I'm going to go to the other e-mail now, there are more specific questions
I might actually be able to answer :-)


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