Re: Online Desktop, Tomboy, and user storage


OK, since my last mail was too long ;-)

The issue here is very simple. I have the existing Tomboy local data store (NoteManager) which is C# objects, and I have some server-side app logic (the Java process on which has its own way of looking at data (Java objects).

*As an implementation detail of a larger project* I need those two trees of C# and Java objects to be in sync.

If something like DAV gets involved, it's just as a protocol; it would be one way to eventually end up with Java objects in the server app. So let's just ignore DAV vs. XMPP for a minute.


Tomboy has a SyncManager thing, which knows how to sync the NoteManager to my implementation of a SyncServer interface that sends stuff to my server app.

The thing I'm planning is to implement SyncServer so it somehow gets stuff to my Java server, and then I'm coding a server-side app.

For me, SyncServer is just a simple way to hook in to Tomboy.

So, concretely how does Conduit affect what I am doing, meaning, which code I'm thinking of writing in Tomboy would I write differently?


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