Re: Generating excitement in GNOME

ons, 25.04.2007 kl. 22.42 +1000, skrev Jeff Waugh:
> <quote who="John (J5) Palmieri">
> > The point is not a conformity to the 6 month cycle but a forward moving
> > process that would eventually get the project into the more formal
> > releases.  Most of it is just getting all the information into one spot so
> > projects can start to work together even before they become part of the
> > release.
> It's also a great way of signalling not only that the developer wants it to
> be part of one of the production release suites, but that the community also
> wants it to be. I tend to think that gnome-scan, for instance, would receive
> community support right now for entering the Desktop suite *at some point in
> the future*, but isn't quite ready.
Maybe we could just revive 5th toe and set some real criteria for
inclusion this time around? I seem to remember that a lot of the modules
in 5th toe ended up in the core release after some time. stickynotes,
gucharmap, gok, seahorse, zenity, totem, gnomemeeting/ekiga etc.

> Having a home for these efforts is a fine way of pimping stuff to contribute
> to. We could start doing GNOME Love projects around this set of modules, so
> new hackers have something cool to work on but won't be stressed about their
> work impacting production modules.
This is a very good idea and lack of this is probably what turned 5th
toe into "everything in SVN that isn't in a real release set", or maybe
my memory of all this is starting to fade :-)

Anyway, I'm all for this regardless of branding details :-)

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