dropping bug-buddy reports for old version of gnome automatically


	in the last months the bugzilla traffic has risen exponentially because
of (thanks to?) the new bug-buddy which actually manages to submit a
higher percentage of the crashes.

This has some very good effects (since not only we get most of the
bugreports, but we also have statistics telling us which are the most
common bugs) but it also causes a very high traffic for people who get
bugzilla mail and a huge amount of work for bug triagers.

Personally I am not able anymore to handle my bugmail anymore and even
useful bugreports get lost in the noise.

As a first step, what do you think of just dropping silently at least
crash reports from older versions of gnome? All bugs coming from there
are either already fixed or will be reported anyway if still present in
newer versions.

This was not much of an issue until now since the "old" versions of
gnome used the old bug buddy, but this will change soon...

As far as I am concerned I'd like to drop any reports from 2.16 and
below, but I see how that may be a little to aggressive. What about
dropping reports from 2.14 and below?


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