Re: [Usability] Drive applet by default

I'm talking about the usb devices... pen drive... exactly.. :)

On 9/14/06, David Prieto <frandavid100 gmail com> wrote:
El jue, 14-09-2006 a las 08:01 -0300, Thiago Ribeiro escribió:
> In some cases you click to eject.. but the device continues enable,
> with its light on.. I think that it is a problem with the system.. but
> the users continue confused because the light don't turn off... and
> this don't pass confidence to user.. because when you turn off the usb
> on windows the lights turn off...

I'm not sure if you're talking about devices like a CD or a USB. If it's
the latter, maybe stuff could be being written to the device, though you
get a notification window.

If you mean a CD, it could just be in use.

Thiago Ribeiro
jabber: tribodesigner jabber org
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