Re: [Usability] Drive applet by default

In some cases you click to eject.. but the device continues enable,
with its light on.. I think that it is a problem with the system.. but
the users continue confused because the light don't turn off... and
this don't pass confidence to user.. because when you turn off the usb
on windows the lights turn off...

On 9/14/06, David Prieto <frandavid100 gmail com> wrote:
El jue, 14-09-2006 a las 10:04 +0100, Ross Burton escribió:
> How feasible would it be to add an Eject icon to the removable drive
> menu entries under Places?  Split the menu item into two so that
> clicking the main icon and text opens the device in Nautilus as usual,
> but there is an eject icon on the far right.

I have often right-clicked the drive entry in hope to get an option to
unmount it, but what you're suggesting would be cool too, in case it can
be done.

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