Re: getting on a longer release cycled

Hi Andrew,

Quoting Andrew Cowie <andrew operationaldynamics com>:
> We regularly have people showing up who are asking us questions about
> gtk 2.6 and using a version that is *FOUR* cycles old. We can't support
> that as we've long since moved on from there (shit, the people who wrote
> that code aren't even involved anymore), with the result that ISV
> developers are left out in the cold, and there's no momentum or support
> for new developers.

Let me see if I can play out this scenario with (say) a 9 month cycle.

GNOME 2.2X comes out January 2008. It hits the first distros March 2008, and you
get it installed around May.

So then you update your bindings to GNOME 2.2X, which are done for GNOME
2.2(X+1), which releases in October 2008. And application developers get that
installed sometime around March the year after, when it's released in their

So, following your logic, ISDs will be building on GNOME 2.2X APIs in this
scheme 18 months after they're done.

Isn't this just the same situation again?


Dave Neary
Lyon, France

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