Re: gnome-utils branched for GNOME 2.16

On Wed, 6 Sep 2006, Bryan Clark wrote:

> > The first, obvious transition is to a save dialog window with the same
> > behaviour of the GtkFileChooserDialog, to use the tab completion + full
> > path editing of the destination file; the currently used layout (preview
> > + save stuff + (save, cancel, help) buttons can be bolted without much
> > effort on a GtkDialog with an embedded GtkFileChooserWidget in save
> > mode.  This is the structural change that I have in mind at the moment.
> > Using a vertical layout might be the next move - I think there's too
> > much wasted screen real estate in the current dialog.

> I think the tab completion is probably a good idea.

I hope you mean the same standard autocomplete as the file chooser but
write tab completion out of force of habit, because tab completion breaks
the use of tab to move through a dialog.

Also I hope you are using the gimp as an example of "edit" or "open with"
functionality and do not plan to mention a specific program within the
screen shooter.

Alan H.

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