Re: gnome-utils branched for GNOME 2.16

Wouter Bolsterlee wrote:
På Tue, Sep 05, 2006 at 11:41:03AM -0400, JP Rosevear skrev:
On Mon, 2006-09-04 at 13:17 -0500, Shaun McCance wrote:
On Mon, 2006-09-04 at 12:22 +0100, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
Hi Jeff;

On Mon, 2006-09-04 at 21:01 +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote:
<quote who="Emmanuele Bassi">
At the moment, it is fairly difficult to do a window selection unless you
know the secret password (key combo or CLI parameters). An optional two step
process (made optional by defaulting to full screen as it works now) would
help with that.
The problem is that I really don't know how to make the Screenshot
utility work with a two-step flow without having people screaming at my
doorstep because I disrupted their one-step flow. :-)  And I quite agree
with them: taking a shot of the screen should require the least possible
iterations, especially if you want to take loads of shots.
I've outlined a proposal for this at least twice,
but I can't find the original emails, so I'll do
it again.

When you call up the screenshot utility from the
Applications menu, it should bring up a dialog
asking you what you want to do.  The dialog would
look something like this:

|                                                |
| ( ) Take screenshot of entire screen.          |
|     * Use PrntScrn to do this at any time.     |
|                                                |
| ( ) Take screenshot of a single window.        |
|     * Use Alt+PrntScrn to do this at any time. |
|                                                |
|                           [Cancel]   [Shoot]   |

Needs a delay option as well probably.  ie "wait 3 seconds" and then
take the shot.

That would be a welcome addition, yes. However, please make it a global
option in the dialog instead of the double timeout widgets in Gimp's 2.2
Wow, it's gnome-utils branch deja vu all over again! [1] :)

I think it's time to take a couple steps back from this and talk about the experience you're expecting to enable with the screenshot app. We're starting to wind down the hole of adding in features and I'm not sure where we're going with it. I'm pretty sure I designed the current screenshot dialog last year or so with jrb and our goal was to let you quickly see the preview of your screenshot, the file name and the directory that file would be saved to. The use case was something like shaunm or other people who are taking a number of screenshots of different windows and the whole desktop and I think we nailed that pretty well.

Of course this addition is only for the the application menu launch which I think is a nice trick to help out new people and advanced users. However on my long drive to work this morning I was wondering if we couldn't just take individual screenshots of the applications as well as a whole screenshot all at once. Doesn't composite or something allow this? I mean we don't have flying cars yet in 2006, but I was hoping we could at least get this little improvement. And I think it would help everyone (first time screenshotters, plus advance types) if the screenshot dialog just gave me a screenshot of the whole desktop plus individual screenshots of each application. Maybe it allows me to select which one I'd like to save?

I'm not saying a delay option wouldn't be a good thing as well. Perhaps we include a [Take another with a {5} second delay] button so you can reset windows and such. But what we need is to discuss a little bit of how we expect people to use this and what for. Shaun had a great email explaining his use of the screenshot tool from back in feb. [2], that's the kind of discussion that will allow us to see the problems we need to solve from the actions we have the ability to implement.

Myself, I use the screenshot tool a lot as well. My use case is mostly taking a screenshot of a specific web page or application and then using the GIMP on the screenshot to extract some image or widget I need from the shot. Often I'm taking a couple screenshots and doctoring up some mockups that are based off an initial application. For me the screenshot tool works pretty well for this, I would like some faster way to work with a screenshot in GIMP after I've taken it, however I think that needs to be done outside of the screenshot dialog. [3] Very seldom do I need a delay to setup up a screenshot, back when I was working on NetworkManager I needed that delay to catch the drop down menu so we could design what would be inside of it. However the realization that I couldn't screenshot the drop down menu without a delay always came after the fact that my first screenshot didn't work. I was thinking a delay button in the dialog would help with this. Perhaps this means we could change alt-prntscrn to be the delay shot (with the last used delay) since prntscrn is taking a screenshot of everything anyway? I also have some visualizations I'd like tied into the delayed screenshot so you know how much time you have in your delay.

~ Bryan

[1] [2] [3] I'm pretty sure there's a bug somewhere I got CC'd on about opening screenshots directly into GIMP, I feel like this is the wrong place for that. Instead I think we could do something like tagging a screenshot with 'screenshot' category and GIMP should be aware of new screenshots created when I go to use it (just an idea).

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