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On 10/24/06, Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org> wrote:
<quote who="Jamie McCracken">

> sorry, is anything else still unclear?

Go back to my mail, read it again, and start from the beginning. What is it,
what does it do, why is it important? Tell us a story with an elevator pitch
and use cases, not an essay with hypotheticals.

OK I am not the developer, but from the perspective of a user of
tracker, here is an elevator pitch;

Tracker helps you find and organize your stuff.

Imagine downloading a mp3 file to have it automatically have it appear
in Rhythmbox, complete with artist and track information. Imagine
shooting a photo on your digital camera, and to have it appear in
f-spot, without having to be imported. Like tagging? tracker lets you
apply tags to files, freeing you from an endless heirarchy of folders.

Tracker not only allows you to search for files based upon whats
inside them, but also by properties which describe them (metadata).
Tracker is smart, by treating files as first class objects it knows
that Photos have widths, while Music files have artists. Tracker knows
that documents have authors and Videos have durations.

Want to find photos taken with you Nikon digital camera? no problem!.
Want to find all Openoffice documents created in december, with more
than 10 pages, containing the word cheese? no problem. Tracker can do

Tracker is;
* Small - <5mb ram, great for low end systems.
* Fast - 100s of searches per second will not slow your computer,
drain your battery or eat your cat.
* Standards compliant - want to write a gnome app in bash? no problem,
tracker has a dbus interface

Tracker is the glue that helps developers connect GNOME together, and
the reason  users will love the GNOME platform.


- Jeff

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