Re: Proposing Tracker for inclusion into GNOME 2.18

Hi Jamie,

> I would like to propose this for inclusion into Gnome 2.18 as its now
> been well tested and should be stable enough.
> Tracker is being developed by a growing community of volunteers to 
> create the best and most efficient desktop search,

How is it related to beagle?
Which are the pro and cons of using it as a desktop search solution with
respect to beagle or other existing solution (if any)?

> extensible 
> metadata server and next generation first class object database all in
> 100% C code.

This is nice. We really need a central metadata server in GNOME (many
apps are using in-house solutions to store metadata, see nautilus,
gedit, evince, etc.)

> Tracker now comes with a new GUI tool - Tracker search tool which is 
> based on the source of Gnome search tool and if accepted it should 
> replace this.

It seems beagle have a nice GUI for searching, would it be easy/possible
to copy/port this GUI using Tracker as backend (maybe implementing
libbeagle-like API on Tracker)?

Which are the data sources and file formats supported by Tracker?

Is it easy to extends Tracker to add support for new data sources and
file formats? Where can we find more info about how to extend Tracker?


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