Re: menu editing griefs: How collaboration did not work. But it should work!

On 22 Sep 2006, at 21:37, Christian Neumair wrote:

Suddently, shortly before the end of a development cycle, Mark came up
with another menu editor [2], called gmenu-simple-editor, which was also
based on Calum's proposal, but as far as I know Mark didn't really
arrange detailed usability aspects with Calum. I wasn't sure why he came
up with it, and supposed that he might have some different innovative
ideas in mind, or maybe just preferred Python, but then again we could
have used Alacarte as a base. Because Mark told me (in private) that my
GUI wasn't simple enough, I shifted the advanced stuff into context
menus. At some point the GUI exactly matched gmenu-simple-editor except for more features, which were only accessible through the context menu, shortcuts and DND, but now the UI didn't entirely match Calum's proposal

I should probably just clarify that I didn't consider said proposal to be the Best Ever Simple Menu Editor Design or anything like that :) It was just one possibility based on the requirements that were being discussed at the time, and I didn't have any problem with it evolving over time to emphasise those requirements differently, or to meet new requirements as they arose. (Indeed, that's pretty much how design should happen, provided those iterations are as well- thought-out as the original.)

I'd agree that it's a bit unfortunate that it's apparently taken three different implementations to get us to where we are now, though, given that alacarte isn't actually very different from that original proposal.


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