Re: Getting a list of 2.18 new features

Hi Mark,

> I did some work on getting jhbuild to create RPM packages last year [1].
> While I didn't fully complete it at the time I am still interested in
> making this a reality.  I am curious to know who is working on this and
> how I might be able to help.  I have been building Gnome 2.17 with
> jhbuild with the idea that I would try to resurrect my previous work,
> but if someone else is actively working on it I would like to help them.

I don't think anybody is actively working on this for the moment, this
is just a little thing in my TODO list, it may also be target for the
build brigade.

Anyway let's discuss this on gnome-packaging-list  

        Frederic [now a proud GNOME foundation member]

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