Re: Call for comments on where to have GUADEC in 2007

ons, 17 05 2006 kl. 10:20 +1200, skrev Glynn Foster:
> Hi,
> Anne �tergaard wrote:
> > Dear GNOME Foundation Member,
> > 
> > You are invited to comment on where you would prefer to have at GUADEC
> > in 2007.
> > 
> > The period for comments stops on June 15th 2006.
> > 
> > The board (minus Dave Neary and Vincent Untz who are behind the French
> > invitation) will make the final decision.
> > 
> > We have got two very fine invitations to choose among: Birmingham in the
> > UK or Lyon in France. The bids are attached in this mail.
> Neither of the bids have any details about financials and budgets - I 
> think the decisions can't possibly made until we know the details of 
> what the costs involved of hosting in each of the bids.

I agree with this. Financials and budgets are very important issues.

I think that the two bidders are entitled to make an addendum to their
original invitations at the ned of the the period for comments and
questions -
but not later than June 18th.


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