Re: Call for comments on where to have GUADEC in 2007


Glynn Foster wrote:
> Neither of the bids have any details about financials and budgets - I
> think the decisions can't possibly made until we know the details of
> what the costs involved of hosting in each of the bids.

Aside from the cost of the venue, which we have never paid (at least not
since I've been involved), the conference is actually pretty cheap to
organise. This year, the majority of our budget is being spent getting
people to the conference - this was also the case in previous years.
Even in Stuttgart, where the cost of extras like the sandwiches,
projectors and so on was more than expected, this represented a small
portion of the budget.

I certainly agree that we need to consider the financial risk of a
conference, but GUADEC is cheap, and could even be cheaper.


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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