Re: Call for comments on where to have GUADEC in 2007


Selon Glynn Foster <Glynn Foster Sun COM>:
> > The board (minus Dave Neary and Vincent Untz who are behind the French
> > invitation) will make the final decision.
> >
> > We have got two very fine invitations to choose among: Birmingham in the
> > UK or Lyon in France. The bids are attached in this mail.
> Neither of the bids have any details about financials and budgets - I
> think the decisions can't possibly made until we know the details of
> what the costs involved of hosting in each of the bids.

CPE Lyon has agreed to host the event for costs - essentially the security
guard. We have been working with them on hosting GUADEC for several months, and
we will have all of the university's facilities available to us for the
conference, and will likely have someone from the university working part-time
on the conference organisation. This is the same place where we help the Libre
Graphics Meeting in March, and the total costs for the site for that event were
?475 for one security guard for two days.

Dave Neary
Lyon, France

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