more po/LINGUAS disaster -- we need re-rolled tarballs before 2.15.2 goes out

On 5/16/06, Matthias Clasen <matthias clasen gmail com> wrote:
I am still finding tarballs without translations, the latest instance
is gnome-terminal 2.15.0...

Indeed, it looks like we'll either have to use lots of 2.14.x tarballs
or else get lots of new re-rolled ones.  We may need to hold up the
2.15.2 release.  Could the affected maintainers (see below) roll new
releases after upgrading their local copy of intltool[1], or contact
the release-team and ask us if you need us to roll it for you?  We may
contact individuals soonish if you don't contact us.  Thanks, and
sorry for the headache.

In the directory with my latest testing build for gnome2.15.2, I find:

1055 newren amr:newrenTemp/tarball-gnome$ for i in `find . -type d
-name po -maxdepth 2`; do echo $(ls -l $i | wc -l) $i; done | sort -n

<I manually removed modules with a large count since that will most
likely imply they have translations>

10 ./gnome-system-monitor-2.14.2/po
10 ./gnome-games-2.15.2/po
10 ./fast-user-switch-applet-2.15.1/po
10 ./deskbar-applet-2.15.1/po
9 ./vte-0.13.0/po
9 ./totem-1.5.0/po
9 ./sound-juicer-2.15.2/po
9 ./gnome-terminal-2.15.0/po
8 ./evolution-webcal-2.7.0/po
1 ./libglade-2.5.1/po
1 ./dbus-0.61/po

Looking at these, it appears that gnome-system-monitor, gnome-games,
fast-user-switch-applet, deskbar-applet, vte, totem, sound-juicer,
gnome-terminal, and evolution-webcal were rolled without translations
(libglade and dbus don't have any translations, just a stub of a
directory, so they're merely false positives).



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