Re: release notes: first draft


Le mardi 07 mars 2006 �4:50 +0000, Edward Hervey a �it :
> > Given the goal of gnome to be a free desktop I think the description
> > "take advantage of" is misleading. It allows third party vendors to
> > "take advantage of" users. It allows users to be taken advantage of.
> >
> >
> > And its hardly a feature from a software freedom perspective.
>   revised version 0.3.a-beta-pre25-coma-7:
>   "Gstreamer 0.10 will also give users the possibility to use, where
> patents apply, multimedia plugins distributed by 3rd party vendors to
> offer support for licensed codecs for which no legal plugins are
> available."
>   Does that make more clear the *freedom of choice* offered to users ?

It's a bit misleading, since depending on the application licence, these
3rd party plugins might or might not legal to use if I'm not mistaken.


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