Re: About Unix Power for Gnome

2006/6/22, Ruben Vermeersch <ruben lambda1 be>:

Makes me think of Automator [1], which I've always liked as an idea (but
never used it).

Oh yes. Automator was announced when I was in the middle of my
project. I felt so bad, thinking that I arrived late and someone else
developed my idea. But then, when Automator was released, I've looked
well at it and tried it too.
There are many differences between SFlux and Automator, but probably
the one that I care more about is that Automator don't hide the other
applications on the system and don't filter out the proposed
operations on the basis of the input document(s) (it can be seen as a
list of all the operations of all the applications, SFlux actually
filter them).

The UI could use a lot of love though, you might want to check up with
the HIG. The usefulness of this app will stand and fall with a good
interface concept.

Bingo! The actual UI is really bad and I have to dramatically improve it.

Also, it should be made dead simple for apps to register their own

Bingo again!

Thanks a lot for your opinions.


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