About Unix Power for Gnome

Hi all,
I'm brand new here so first of all I'll present myself.
My name is Christian, I'm from italy (really near Venice) and I've
finished university (computer science) last October, of course I'm a
free software user and enthusiast (actually using Debian on my desktop
and Ubuntu on my notebook, both with Gnome as desktop environment).
For my master thesis I've done a work that probably fit quite well
with the Unix Power for Gnome problem raised by Rodrigo Moya about one
year ago (http://blogs.gnome.org/view/rodrigo/2005/08/19/0).
Last week I've published the project born from my thesis on
sourceforge at http://sflux.sourceforge.net
The main idea behind it is to facilitate first time computer users
hiding to them the concept of application. What I've thought is a way
to describe a computer system (documents, applications and operations)
using Semantic Web technologies (RDF/OWL/Sparql) so that S-Flux (the
application I've done) can understand what operations can be done on a
particular document(s) using the applications installed on the system,
create a pipeline of operations and actually perform them.

On the site you'll find a couple of screencast too, 'cause I know my
english is not so good so seeing is better than reading :-)

The project was born as a cross-platform application but I'd love to
deeply integrate it in Gnome. So I'd like to know your opinions about

Thanks a lot for the attention, ciao!

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