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First of all, thanks for your input!

På Mon, Jun 19, 2006 at 05:57:44PM -0700, d2004 cosmopod com skrev:
> 6.  A spell checker would be much appreciated in Epiphany for when the user is 
> entering data into online forms.  Konqueror is the only browser I know of 
> with this functionality (not sure if Safari also has it.)

This feature is being worked on. You can search bugzilla for the bug report
and add yourself to the Cc field to track progress.

> 7.  One problem with all browsers, is that, to save individual images, the 
> user must right-click on them and save. This is tiresome if a user wants to 
> download multiple images from a page, without saving the whole thing.  IT 
> also seems, from the usability studies I have read online that new and 
> inexperienced users have a reticence towards right-clicking.  The various 
> usability studies I have read by Sun and Novell seem to indicate that people 
> often do not think to right-click to configure the clock or activate applets.  
> Therefore, functions that are present in right-click menus only, such as that 
> to save images in the browser, may not be such a good idea.  Perhaps an entry 
> to "Save All Images On Page" under the file menu, would be appropriate.

I think not many people will use this feature. Therefore it's unlikely that
it will be implemented. A tip: just save the page to disk. All related files
such as images and stylesheets will be saved to disk as well.

> 9.  Also related to this, it is difficult to locate hardware configuration 
> data under GNOME, such as ports and interrupts.  KDE have a centralised 
> hardware browser that provides detailed system information for those seeking 
> it.  This seems to be another major hoe we need to plug sooner rather than 
> later.

Have you tried hal-device-manager?

  mvrgr, Wouter

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