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Hi there

I've been working around using feed syndication on the desktop, in fact I've
wrote a little app to syndicate brand new atom format, to
automatic install backgrounds from the site, Jilorio,
Gtk and metacity themes are also planned.

While I was writting the app, I was wondering how could I centralize the
feed agregation since I would use several feeds, and I've been thinking
another uses of feeds around the desktop. So I think that a solution like
this could rock to approach a "live desktop" which can change using the
internet content.

>On 6/17/06, Yaron Tausky <decaycell gmail com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've been thinking about implementing a new framework, to abstract the
>> use of various syndication formats on the desktop. It would consist of a
>> daemon that registers feeds over D-BUS and reads them at specified
>> intervals, and clients which will be able to tap into the daemon's
>> database and get notifications about new updates. The intended use is
>> for reading blogs, news sites, podcasts, etc. Another possible use I can
>> think of is to aggregate software updates notifications.
>> I'd like to hear your opinions on this concept -- whether you think
>> there is a need for such a framework, have another use case, or perhaps
>> if you think this is all rubbish. :-)
>> On a side note, I'm not an experienced GNOME developer, and since this
>> seems like a rather simple project to implement, I hope I'll be able to
>> do it by myself. My motivation is the feeling that feeds are not
>> integrated enough into the desktop -- I'd like to improve this state.
>> --
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