Re: Fixing bug #330868 in a smart way

On 19/06/06, Paolo Maggi <paolo maggi polito it> wrote:
        I was giving a look to bug #330868 (Adding "License" button and dialog
to About dialog). It seems to me we are duplicating the same long
strings (mostly the GPL license) in most applications marking them for
translation in order to add a "License" button to the about dialog.

If you intend to present localised license text, please provide a way
to turn it off (and probably turn it off by default ...).

Translations can introduce ambiguities or change the meaning of a
text, which is not acceptable in the case of a legal document.  My
agreement to license my code under the GPL does not imply my agreement
to license it under a random translation of the GPL, so it shouldn't
be presented as such to the user.


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