A Framework for Desktop Syndication

I've been thinking about implementing a new framework, to abstract the
use of various syndication formats on the desktop. It would consist of a
daemon that registers feeds over D-BUS and reads them at specified
intervals, and clients which will be able to tap into the daemon's
database and get notifications about new updates. The intended use is
for reading blogs, news sites, podcasts, etc. Another possible use I can
think of is to aggregate software updates notifications.
I'd like to hear your opinions on this concept -- whether you think
there is a need for such a framework, have another use case, or perhaps
if you think this is all rubbish. :-)

On a side note, I'm not an experienced GNOME developer, and since this
seems like a rather simple project to implement, I hope I'll be able to
do it by myself. My motivation is the feeling that feeds are not
integrated enough into the desktop -- I'd like to improve this state.

Yaron Tausky <decaycell gmail com>

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