Re: Intellectual Property Plugins and GNOME

<quote who="Brian Cameron">

> I just found it interesting that Fluendo seemed agreeable to the idea that
> the GNOME community in general could work together to purchase a single
> license for all users.  If there were enough interest to do something like
> this, it would make the GNOME user experience more exciting/modern, save
> money for everyone involved, and give access to the IP to all GNOME users.

It seems more appropriate that this be pursued by distributors and Fluendo
themselves (distributing directly to end users) than GNOME. We don't control
the integration or immediate end-user experience, so there's not a lot we
can do that will directly impact users here - unless you can think of other
opportunities. If you mean "us" to include all distributors as well, that is
a different issue. :-)

(btw, you wrote a very long mail for a few short points)

- Jeff

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