Re: Focusing on innovation re: mono, python et al

On 7/19/06, David Nielsen <david lovesunix net> wrote:
As if the question of Mono's inclusion doesn't already fragment GNOME,
those who are opposed to it because it's MS technology or similar, IMHO,
silly reasons (read: not based on technological merit) won't let it in.
Then there are people like me who have been waiting for the right moment
for Mono to get included so that one day I might rely on Mono for any
development I do - I'm frankly getting to the point where if Mono
doesn't get included, I'll simply stop using GNOME. I'm getting tired of
this debate, I think Mono is great and I think continuing to push a C
based platform is a mistake.. We are handed great technology to move
GNOME forward, do we want that or are we willing to bet that C is a
viable option for Topaz. If you think that not including Mono is a way
to keep users you are mistaken, there are plenty out there who will not
switch over or leave GNOME if we don't take this step.

What is this?  Some type of threat?
To date GNOME does not have Mono and GNOME is doing great.
The majority of users do not use Mono and do not want to depend on
Mono.  If you have your way, more people will lose their way.  Who
have heard any users today who refuse to switch to GNOME unless Mono
is adapted?  (What do these people use today? KDE?)

When Mono works comfortably on a machine with 32 MBytes of RAM, than
maybe it makes sense to talk about basing some parts of GNOME on Mono.

Andy Tai, atai atai org

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