Re: Focusing on innovation re: mono, python et al


On Sun, 16 Jul 2006 18:57:04 +0200
Lluis Sanchez <lluis ximian com> wrote:

> [...]
> If there are memory and performance problems with Mono or Python,
> excluding them from GNOME is not a solution, because like it or not
> users will still use them to run applications. 
> GNOME should adapt to this reality if it wants to survive. [...]

I don't understand the argument: You're right that some users use Mono
apps but others don't. So, why should GNOME adapt to one part of the
user community, and ignore the other part?

Users can already use Mono applications if they like to; it's just an
'apt-get install * ' away. No problem. Why should they care about Mono
apps being included (in the desktop release)? Also, developers can
already use Mono without GNOME depending Mono so why should the policy
be changed?

On the other hand, if GNOME depends on Mono, it will be hard to
deinstall it without breaking GNOME. Just wait a few releases.

This will fragment the user community, and we don't need any more
fragmentation in the desktop: It's already bloody complicated to write
an article for a journal when considering the differences between KDE
and GNOME. It's frustrating to explain every time: "Under KDE, you
do this to get X, and under GNOME you do that to get X." If you don't
write it, you just frustrate new users. Reading all this stuff is even
more frustrating!

Including Mono will just lead to another desktop being used widely,
namely XFce.

Splitting our user community will also lead to less influence.
Third-party projects already ignore very basic HIG recommendations. And
in fact: Why should they bother? It's not that GNOME appears to be the
leading Linux desktop, isn't it? If we split due to the desktop release
depending on Mono, it will be even harder to convince third-party
projects to follow our example.

I absolutely agree with you that it's the width and variety
of available desktop applications that matter for the success of a
desktop! At the same time, a (core) desktop is more useful the more
people use it.

Mono seems like a good platform so it should be able to sell itself. On
the other hand, the risks of forcing users to opt-out instead of
letting them opt-in are immense.

Just my 2cents from a non-developer point of view.


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