Re: Baobab

<quote who="Emmanuele Bassi">

> > (I think it would make more sense in a future 'Powertools' suite rather
> > than the misnamed 'admin' suite - it really should be 'management'.)
> I was not aware that "du" was part of a "power suite" shell management
> package.  Perhaps I've got the wrong distribution.

Uh, dude, seriously - comparing what we include in gnome-utils (part of our
Desktop suite, and generally installed by default on GNOME systems) with the
CLI tools shipped in *nix systems doesn't make a lot of sense!

We used to jam all kinds of things into GNOME in the 1.x period, whether it
made a lot of sense or not - let's not go down that path again. Baobab is a
great utility, the kind of thing a lot of users will love when they find it,
but it's not something we need to ship as part of the OOTB user experience.

- Jeff

-- 2007: Sydney, Australia 
   "The two [separate] UIs are both incredibly simple and don't even look
   like computer programs; they barely need menus. [When combined, they]
   suddenly look like software." - Havoc Pennington on 'software' design

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