Re: What about Embedded?

tor, 20 07 2006 kl. 23:24 +0100, skrev Jamie McCracken:

> The D language offers the best of all worlds IMO *without* compromising 
> on speed, resource usage or bloat. It would be madness to use a VM instead!
> (of course its not as integrated into Gnome yet and lacks an IDE but if 
> someone puts the work in you will have a killer platform than no VM 
> based platform can match)

... in about 10 years, once D exits beta and someone sits down to write
a proper IDE, the bindings, etc.. Mono is here now, it has basically all
the tools we want, the Mono maintainers care about GNOME and as an added
bonus we get to market GNOME to all the college students who are
currently being trained with .NET in mind.

Aside such things as the existence of tons of books, documentation,
classes and existing programmers for .NET, I agree D is a shoe in..

I have confidence in Miguels team, I'm sure they'll optimize the crap
out that sucker if we hit serious problems providing GNOME using Mono.

- David Nielsen

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