Re: Mummy, I made a platform in my pants! [Was: focus!]

<quote who="Jeff Waugh">

> That said, culturally we've taken a lot of emphasis and glory away from
> the platform since pre-2.0, so it hasn't had the attention it really needs
> to improve what we can deliver on top of it. I guess the point of my post
> is to make sure we don't completely disempower/unglorify the platform in
> our drive towards coherent user focus.

Quick followup to this: Someone's going to say, "But you can't create a
platform without understanding the user problems you're solving (where
'user' can mean end user or developer user)."

This is true... However! ;-)

Much like users don't ask for new technology to solve their problems because
they don't understand the potential of the technology (which users would ask
for a grid-based programmable calculating system before VisiCalc appeared?),
application Developers often don't ask for new platform techology to solve
their problems because they don't undertand the potential of the technology.

- Jeff

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