Re: Some feedback

Well, what can I say? I am so glad somebody is working on such a great tool. I thought the whole Gnome structure would have to change - you know, to simply eliminate all progress dialogs means to reconsider every Gnome application. That's why I think it shoult take some collaborative work. It's not so hard to make a small menu or a sidebar or somethink to indicate overall progress across the system. Te main problem is: how to change all programs so they will use that progress indicator, not their owns.

Another great simplifier: can you imagine the complexity reduction among Gnome programs? A lot of code will be replaced with, i say, a single line - the progress registration to that "wonder" applet, indicating all progress in the system. Even more, if that applet is made well, it could make the system look better by assuring a one-look-for-all-progress-indicators :D

Plus, I think it's a gred advancement that every modern OS should have. Too bad others don't think about it :D So let Gnome be the first!!

Go get for it,

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