Re: Some feedback

Radu Olaru wrote:
Te main problem is: how to change all programs so they will use that progress indicator, not their owns.

By simply creating an API that makes sense, like for the File Dialog, people will stop creating their own. This API has to allow for displaying of "classic window mode" or whatever you want to call it.

Even more, if that applet is made well, it could make the system look better by assuring a one-look-for-all-progress-indicators :D

There are, however, many operations that give good information (as text) in the progress boxes. This has to be considered.

Plus, I think it's a gred advancement that every modern OS should have. Too bad others don't think about it :D So let Gnome be the first!!

Innovation is always fun. It's just unfortunate when people don't understand it and dismiss it as "stupid." Hopefully that won't be the case here.


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