Re: control-center 2.13.90 released

Owen Taylor wrote:
I think the first step is for someone to simply spend a little time
figuring out what is slow:

 - Gradients
 - Scaled images
 - Solid color backgrounds?

30 seconds of experimentation shows me that scaling and filling are slow, while tiling is very fast. The very strange discrepancy is that when setting an image smaller than the screen, centering is slow!

If we are scaling images *via Cairo* that is known to be slow with
older X servers; if investigation proves that actually is the problem,
it can be worked around.

All of my observations are on 7.0.0 with the radeon driver. There were previously (6 months ago?) bigger performance problems, but when I opened a freedesktop bug about it, the whole XaaOffscreenPixmaps issues was brought up. I don't know how that concluded. Adding the Exa extension slows down my r200 card another 2-3 times. But that is getting off-topic.

It used to be relatively simple to spot gtk/gdk drawing problems. Now, it's difficult to say where the problems are, given the gtk-cairo-exa-newX stack.

For people interested, there is a good discussion in a now-closed bug that addresses some of the slow drawing issues, which I think at this point are history:

But I wonder if the relevant functions don't need to be revisited? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to profile these issues?


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