Re: GNOME Icon Theme 2.13.5[.1] AKA the HOLY CRAP, ICONS! release

On 1/17/06, Rodney Dawes <dobey novell com> wrote:
> > - It uses perl-XML-Simple, unlike other perl utilitites like intltool, which
> >   use perl-XML-Parser. This is a problem for us, since perl-XML-Simple is
> >   in Fedora Extras atm.
> Well, the difference in complexity between Simple and just Parser is an
> order of magnitude of difference, in terms of code, and I personally am
> not going to change it, just for Fedora.

This shouldn't be looked at as a 'just for Fedora' thing.  Addition of
external dependencies to release set modules is subject to community
approval and we do have precedent of not allowing hard dependencies on
modules that maintainers would have otherwise used.  It only makes
sense because we don't want an explosion of external dependencies. 
Given Matthias objection, it is something we'll have to push for
general consensus on.

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