GNOME Icon Theme 2.13.5[.1] AKA the HOLY CRAP, ICONS! release

That's right. Only Kenya [1] has lions, and only GNOME has over 1200
uniquely named icons, in its default theme. In an effort to improve
the maintainability of gnome-icon-theme, I've spent most of this past
weekend preparing it to migrate GNOME to the Icon Naming Specification,
make the default theme be much more generic, and help clean up the UI
a bit, by helping to get rid of extraneous icons.

As a result of these changes, our wonderfully talented icon artist,
jimmac, is actually interested in fixing up some icons in the default
theme again. Also, gnome-icon-theme now, and until the desktop is
entirely migrated to the Icon Naming Specification, and it is much
more complete and finalized, will depend on icon-naming-utils [2]. As
changes happen in both the theme, and naming utilities, the version
requirement will be bumped, so that the backward compatibility may
remain optimal. 

Many more releases will follow swift and often, between now and 2.14.0.

-- dobey


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