New modules in 2.14

Ok, here's what I'm guessing is the rough module consensus after
having re-read or skimmed a ton of emails:

- pyorbit (bindings suite)
- deskbar-applet
- fast-user-switch-applet (though this should be integrated in the panel later)
- gnome-power-manager
- gnome-screensaver
- pessulus (new admin suite[2])
- sabayon[1] (also in new admin suite)
- libnotify & notification-daemon[3]
- gnome-python-desktop[4] (_desktop_ suite)

- atomix[5]
- nautilus-actions
- anything else (if there be any) that might have been proposed but
apparently wasn't important enough for anyone to bring up in the
recent trying-to-reach-consensus thread ;-)

Does that sound right?

Additionally, there are various issues to point out or clarifications
I'd like to make about the list:
[1] gnome-power-manager and sabayon have not been having recent and
regular releases, which would be easy to fix, but could be a cause of
worry if not done soon for the upcoming releases.
[2] The new admin suite will have the same rules as the desktop suite
other than the obvious different use & target audience for the modules
[3] I'm a little bit worried by the lack of use of Gnome resources
with these two, though.  There was a proposal to move libnotify and
notification-daemon to Gnome CVS, but it apparently never happened. 
Tarballs aren't on Gnome ftp.  Where are bugs filed?  Perhaps these
should be hosted at instead, which would also be okay,
but I don't see these at either place -- though I might just be blind.
[4] gnome-python-desktop hasn't yet been split from
gnome-python-extras but it was a very recent proposal (caused by
requirements of other modules), so it may be a few more days yet
before Gustavo is able to make the split.
[5] We need a solution to the problems presented by Callum at
for games modules like Atomix

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