Re: GStreamer version for 2.14

On 1/16/06, Elijah Newren <newren gmail com> wrote:
> See for more details
> where I'm coming from, but I'm basically going to disagree with
> Vincent here -- I think it should be perfectly fine to mark all those
> bugs as obsolete and tell the reporter they are free to reopen if they
> experience the same issue under 0.10.  I think which versions are
> considered obsolete ought to be up to the maintainers (though we'd
> appreciate a note in the product specific guidelines, linked to from
> the browse page in bugzilla, so that triagers can help).  There is a
> tradeoff that needs to be made and we don't want to be too agressive
> just closing out 'old' bugs, but I think we tend to err far on the
> side off keeping too many bugs open that just aren't helpful.

Sorry, short addendum -- Those who do take a slightly more aggressive
approach than we've done previously, though, will want to come up with
a good explanation to use in the bug reports so that they don't get
skewered like the bugsquad did by JWZ when we closed out Gnome 1.x
bugs.  Fear of such backlash is probably one of the main reasons we
didn't continue any aggressiveness at closing out old
more-likely-to-be-useless-than-not bugs, though I think our lack of
backbone (and I'm probably more to blame than anyone) has slowed us
down.  Maybe we could hide behind 'Mozilla's doing it too' now, as
pointed out in my blog post.  ;-)

Anyway, enough of my rambling...

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